Nobody understands the mysteries of the skin like skincare professionals. And nobody’s more dedicated to delivering on the industry’s holy trinity: gentle, clinical-grade products for their post-procedure patients; experiential, results-oriented products for their medi-spa patrons; and a commitment to delivering an effective daily skincare routine with 100% safe, non-toxic formulations.

Nobody, that is, until now. Thanks to an innovative partnership between Princeton’s most experienced skincare researcher and Japan’s most sought-after formulator, there’s a single, elegant solution for every treatment need: EPICUTIS. We know it measures up—because you helped create it.

Using technology developed by Dr. Jeffry Stock, expert formulator Masanori Tamura has created minimalist formulations featuring high concentrations of our patented active ingredients—with a supporting cast of the cleanest, highest-quality essentials ever before available to skincare professionals.

We worked closely with estheticians at every step of the process, from product line ideation to the smallest details of formula development, testing and refinement. The result is a skincare brand by experts, for experts—crafted by people with proven pedigrees from every side of the business.

As a clinical skincare professional, you know that the symptoms your clients perceive as aging—visible indicators like fine lines, deep wrinkles, uneven tone, rough texture and lost elasticity—are often the surface signs of deeper problems. And for lasting results, these must be addressed at every level.

We created EPICUTIS to delve beneath the surface, addressing some of the most common causes of unhealthy-looking skin: moisture loss, and environmental induced damage. We do this with patented, 100% non-toxic ingredients in luxuriously simple formulations that deliver real results for your clients.

Whether you’re treating your patrons to five-star facials or prescribing post-treatment protocols, they’re entrusting their most visible beauty asset—their one and only skin— to your practiced hands. We believe you both deserve the safest, most potent formulas the industry has to offer.